Narrative Empathy

Empathy comes from emotional and rational understanding. Our content addresses both. We stir feelings with stories, experiences and images, and appeal to reason with argument, data and context. The combination is enlightening, and a more sustainable and potent driver of change than shock, guilt or emotive coercion could ever be.
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We create…

Graphic Essays

Comics are arresting in social media. They encourage people to look at subjects with fresh eyes. By stimulating the visual cortex they improve message retention and identification with the protagonist. They illustrate subjects when photographs would be difficult to obtain or inappropriate while minimising the interference of unconscious prejudices.

Video Shorts

Sometimes people pay more attention when you talk quietly. We produce clear and simple short films that give respite from the whizz bang pop, yet don't require a massive investment of time away from browsing or scrolling. Call it slow, call it subtle, call it sensory ethnography, we leave audiences intrigued and wanting to find out more.

Research & Reports

Storytelling has great emotional power. That power is multiplied when combined with primary and secondary research, data, argument and context. This gives the anecdotal true relevance, connecting the accounts of individuals to the broader political, economic, biological and social issues at play. Academic-grade research informs all our work.

The power of empathy

The onslaught of bad news makes us feel powerless. We retreat and our horizon narrows. We distance ourselves from the toughest issues and protect ourselves from their implications by using labels that dehumanise both us and those we apply them to. In contrast, empathy reunites us. As it grows, empathy guides supporters on a journey from transactional giving to long-term engagement. As it spreads it fires personal, public and political will. Empathy dissolves distinctions between donor and beneficiary and helps us all feel a part of humanity.

Sample Narratives

Theodor's Story
Theodor’s Story for Christian Aid
Refuge in music
Oualid Khelifi: Refuge in Music for UNHCR
Red Cross Comic
Karrie Fransman: Teenage Refugee in London for the Red Cross
Olivier Kugler: Syrian Refugees in Kurdistan for MSF
Sarah Glidden: Iraqi Refugees in Syria
Tuareg musicians by Oualid Khelifi
Oualid Khelifi: Tuareg Ancestral Music
Nathan Budd: Woodland Trust
Olivier Kugler: A Ghanian Fisherman
Millport cover
Nathan Budd: Millport Marine Station
Saleh Hijazi: Characters
Olivier Kugler: Burkino Faso for Oxfam


We create content in collaboration with a pool of talented illustrators, animators, film-makers, developers, journalists and anthropologists. We match style, medium and distribution to the objectives of the project and the target audience, whether it be existing supporters, new segments, decision makers or the general public.

Our content is used for…

Content Marketing

Our distinctive story-telling techniques are perfect for content marketing.


Our stories move readers to identify with and support your cause.


Educate and inform regardless of age, literacy or internet access.


Influence public and political opinion and spur community involvement and action.


A platform to amplify marginalised voices.

Impact & CSR

Communicate the value and efficacy of your work.



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Red Cross Comic

Case study: a comic for the Red Cross

The British Red Cross asked Karrie Fransman to research, write and illustrate a comic for Refugee Week 2014. They introduced her to Ebrahim, a teenage refugee from Iran, and she drew […]

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