Theodor's Story

Theodor’s Story for Christian Aid

Christian Aid asked us to make a film that would help motivate their supporters to act during Christian Aid Week 2017. This animated short tells the story of Theodor Davidovic, a […]

Refuge in music

Oualid Khelifi: Refuge in Music for UNHCR

A story of resilience among internally displaced people in the Central African Republic. This short film emphasises agency and humanity without glossing over a difficult situation, or the important role […]


Sarah Glidden: Iraqi Refugees in Syria

Sarah Glidden’s excellent piece of comic journalism was originally published on Cartoon Movement in 2011 when hundreds of thousands of Iraqis sought refuge in Syria. Look out for how she changes […]

Tuareg musicians by Oualid Khelifi

Oualid Khelifi: Tuareg Ancestral Music

Oualid Khelifi‘s short film tells the story of a community of Tuareg Tindé musicians in the deep south of Algeria. They are worried about how their work is being exploited […]


Nathan Budd: Woodland Trust

Nathan Budd’s short encapsulates our approach to film. Quickly and subtly it leaves you with a feeling of the English outdoors that goes beyond image and words. The film is […]


Olivier Kugler: A Ghanian Fisherman

Olivier Kugler bases his work on fieldwork composed of interviews, photographs and sketches. In this series he describes some of the concerns of John Ateiku, a fisherman he met in […]

Millport cover

Nathan Budd: Millport Marine Station

Millport Marine Station is a fieldwork centre on the island of Great Cumbrae in the Firth of Clyde, Scotland. Nathan Budd’s film was produced to showcase its community and educational […]